The land of fairytale Orlando

Once a quiet town turned into the bustling New Orlando who welcome more visitors than any other place in the Northern America. The perfect place to experience the world of fairy tale. The huge reason is Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, and other attractions. The renewed good hotels are mainly near the International Drive, Hwy-192 and around Disney World. The downtown area presents the great nightlife. A busy and compact city  has the plenty of adventure for year round family fun activities.  The city is world known for theme parks,golf courses and science center. The Orlean gain its reputation as the theme park capital of the world. Orleans also has many other things beside this imaginative world. The stylish and lively downtown has the amazing pirates locals.

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The Walt Disney World Resort stretches over the  25,000 acres land and housed four theme parks, two water parks and more than 20 hotels in the whole area. Inside the Walt Disney Resort, there is a  Magic Kingdom a life-size version of Cinderella castle and Epcot who explores the technology of future and games related to the world’s newest inventions. The east has Sea World and Aquatica,a place to observe and come close to the marine animals and can cool off themselves through length water rides.The Kennedy space center is dealing with engineering and technology, tour of the whole center parts, you will find the first moon landing mission, space shuttle, shuttle cabin ride and  lift over in the space. This all is tremendous experience should be done by the children which not long give them knowledge but will open their imaginations. 

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The season summer will give you an option of shady pot in the Harry P. Leu Gardens which stretch over the 50-acre covered with green lawns and old oak trees. This is one of the admired Orlando natural attractions. The spring, winter and autumn will arrange your meeting with Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Snow White and Donald Duck.  The whole orlean will tune your song with the city lyrics.  Dreams really come true via cheap flights to North America.

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The neighboring spots of Orleans are Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Area, where you will get the splashes of water. Have you ever tried the business with fun, the alien has the Orlando Convention center which also makes ways to the restaurants, shops, and other attractions.  The many businesses plus family tours received by the Orlando Airport via cheap flights to Orlando that is just 15 miles away from the city. The Lake Buena Vista is just a few miles away from the Magic Kingdom…….

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