Cradle of Liberty Boston

The very forefront of American history, cradle of liberty, hub of the universe, Athens of America and franchise of the sports, regional culture, educational institutes and grand architecture. The City of Boston welcomes over 12 million annual visitors from all over the world. The vibrant city  serves as the new England ‘s largest tourism industry , the commercial hub and entertain you with the amazing sites. 

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 The mid size city belongs to Puritans who set out their selves for the search of religious freedom and found the Boston as their ‘shining city on a hill.’ The Sons of Freedom were born in Boston till the dust of the war of independence fogged over the city.  The land gave birth to those poets and philosophers who  lead a cultural revolution in the face of feminism, abolitionism and transcendentalism. So we can easily say that Boston is the city of forward thinking and barrier breaking. The political evident city has many issues like universal health care and same sex marriages. The innovative urban planning project and modern architecture flourishing the country environs. The artist and filmmakers contribute to the city affluent by digging out unique ones from the landscape. Visual art is top them all.

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The main driving factor of visitors to Boston is the city’s profound and competent educational institutions.  For the many years the city is boasting with its skilled  education departments divided into the colleges and university, nearly less restricted policies make it more popular among the youths of the world.  The scholar , scientist, philosophers and writer’s rich belonging to the Boston triggers the city on educational measure. May to September gives energy to the sporting events, film festivals, music panorama, art galleries, coffee shops, hip clubs and Irish pubs. The magnificent late summer and early falls make the parks crowdy not only with people but also with the abundance of flowers. The independence week brings the top of the world celebrations.

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After the Boston tea party in the history onward Boston has adjusted well to modernity.  The “Big Dig” project has established many infrastructures, monuments and buildings. The expensive achievement of civil engineering pored over the map of the world. The cheap flights to Boston is flourishing with the six big runways and 16,000 staff members. Boston is looking forward to future while acknowledging its unique past. The contemporary towers, historic spires, swan boats with diverse accent and lingo will drop you to the world of fantasy. Bus, trolley, subway or train is some mean of transportation. The cheap flights to North America is the combining effort to profits with the other countries visit as well…..

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