The beautiful territory of Venezuela

Venezuela acts as like the diamond in the ring of South American countries. Beside South America’s tango, Machu Picchu or Carnival, the country of Venezuela has the international reputation due to swirls around oil, Continue reading

Chief port of Uruguay

The most under-visited Uruguay’s capital and the vibrant coastal city with a rich cultural life. Stretches 20km east to west, the capital wears many masks of diversity, the exclusive residential suburb to chic huts of the countryside Continue reading

Memories of Uruguay

The place is being overrun with lots and lots Paragliding to the Uruguay to enjoy the pristine seashores, huge steaks and amazing nightlife. The heads of populace include Argentines, Chileans, Brazilians and many non-South Americans. Continue reading

City of Kings

In Lima beside on being at the surface you will feel every place as high as a kite.  Lima is a city sprawling with dusty cliff population, grey and bulky architectural sites and artificial beautifications. Continue reading

Whimsy Georgetown

The endearing Georgetown has the fairy tale appearance due to its lined tree streets, broad avenues, Dutch and Victorian architectural glories. The real life chaos roams through the ramshackle architecture, untidy parks and attached streets between towns.  Continue reading