Land of true Bahamas-Nassau

Tropical draft, bouncing buses, steel drum music, bargaining dealer,  connoisseur dining, elbow- knocking shopping bags and remarkable activities are a few of the many highlights of Nassau. The history of Nassau accommodates many young reckless pirates who smuggled shipment from the alliance during the American Civil War. This trend Continue reading

The Bahamas

The Bahamas are scattered like possibilities of adventure. It is a ready made  plain for exploration.  The Christopher Columbus knocked the limestone landscapes to change the course of history in 1492. From pirates to barricade smugglers, cunning doer has congregate  the country’s  700 islands for many centuries. The smell of the crime still can be felt among these islands. Then why do not go for it?
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United States of America

The USA a big place which is not unknown to anybody in the world. The leading power of the world is the USA. From travelling point of view America is here to explore as the other fields like education, business and health. The USA provides the solid ground to tourists of all ages.  The interesting landscape with amazing highs blow your mind. The buzzing  areas compelled me to write the some of the areas worth watching . The all other which are not mentioned
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